How To Ensure Your Miniature Pet's Safety During Boarding

20 December 2017
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A tiny toy dog is a perfect companion for those who have small space or want a dog that they can take everywhere. There will be times where you may need to separate from your miniature pet for a little while. If you have to go on an emergency trip or a business trip for a few days, you may not have time to plan for someone to come to your home to pet sit. In this instance, it may be easiest to board your pet in a facility. It is natural to be more worried about the safety of a small dog when you are boarding your pet. Here are some ways to ensure the safety of a small pet when pet boarding is necessary. 

Go with larger, separate rooms

A pet facility with space that is similar to a dog shelter is one of the best ways to board your pet. Small rooms where they can be alone will make sure that your pet has room to walk around, but will not be stuck in a small cage for most of the day. It is better if the separate room has a door that will block out some of the sound of the other pets in the facility, especially if your dog tends to suffer from anxiety. Be sure to pack comfortable bedding for your pet to use during their stay.

Insist on an on-staff vet daily

The best facility to leave your pet is with is a boarding facility with on-staff veterinarians. This way if your pet is exhibiting any extreme anxieties or problems with adjusting that makes them sick, the vet will be able to administer medicines as necessary. Be sure that the vets will be available to check on your boarded pet regularly so that any problems that arise while you are gone can be taken care of without delay.

Ensure video monitoring is available

Many pet boarding facilities are offering video monitoring while pets are playing inside of the yard. Find a pet boarding service that will permit you to look in on your pet while they are at play time. This will set your mind at ease about how your pet is doing each day. It will also give you a chance to see if your pet appears to be adjusting well to the boarding facility and is enjoying the company of other dogs. 

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