Care Tips For Your Dog’s Ears

7 May 2018
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If you've noticed your dog flipping and flapping his head around like crazy or pawing at his ears, it could be an infection in his ears. Take a good look in your dog's ears. If you they look dirty or are red or swollen, it could be an ear infection. Read on for further information about how ear infections could occur and how to care for your dog's ears. How Ear Infections And Other Ear Issues Occur Read More 

Spay And Neuter Anxiety: How To Keep You And Your Pet At Ease

22 March 2018
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Most pet owners experience a certain level of nervousness when their beloved furry friend undergoes an operation, but for people with existing anxiety, spay and neuter surgeries can be particularly overwhelming. Nonetheless, since you need to have your pet "fixed", this is something you'll have to get through together. Putting aside your own tendency to submit to anxiety and rush for brown-bag breathing, you need to lead the way in helping the patient on the road to full recovery. Read More