Key Facts Every First Time Feline Owner Should Know When Determining Which Immunizations Their New Indoor Kitten Needs

27 July 2017
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As the first-time owner of a new, indoor kitten, arranging for its medical care is crucial. However, one common mistake that new pet parents often make is assuming that their indoor cat does not need any immunizations. Alternatively, another error often seen is the belief that solitary, indoor kittens will need the same shots that groups of cats or those that live or spend extended periods of time outside will need. The truth is that only some kitten vaccinations are absolutely essential, while others may only be recommended in certain situations. Read More 

4 Basic Tests Your Pet Needs Over Their Lifetime

25 June 2017
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Taking your pet to visit their vet is important during their lifetime. Just like humans, pets need regular check ups, especially since pets generally tend to hide any symptoms of an illness they are suffering, which means things can get a whole lot worse before they are noticed. This is why it's important not only for regular check ups, but also to allow your vet to run some basic tests over the course of your pet's lifetime. Read More 

2 Reasons To Take Your Aging Pet To A Vet

19 June 2017
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Taking a pet to the vet on a regular basis is always going to be important, but it becomes even more vital when your pet starts getting into his or her golden years. This is because as your pet starts reaching his or her senior years, his or her immune system is going to be a bit weaker and he or she will be prone to developing a number of uncomfortable and potentially dangerous conditions. Read More 

Are Your Household Plants Endangering Your Pet?

5 May 2017
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You'd never purposely put your pet in harm's way, but sometimes what you don't know can be dangerous. If you have a green thumb, you probably enjoy growing plants in containers or in your yard. But when you have pets, it's important to be aware that some common household plants can pose a real danger to your furry friends. Take a look at what you need to know about a few of the plants that can be perilous to your pet. Read More 

Spring Dog Grooming: What You Should Know About Spring & Your Dog’s Coat

15 March 2017
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Whether you are a seasoned dog owner or you have recently adopted your four-legged companion, you may have noticed that as the spring thaw begins, your dog also begins to go through some seasonal changes as well. Specifically, you may notice a lot more dog hair around your house. For most dog breeds, spring is one of the main shedding seasons. While this can be frustrating for your cleaning routine, there are ways that you can deal with your dog's spring shedding and keep their coat healthy through the season as well as all year round. Read More