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Decoding Your Dogs Downright Weird Behavior: Tips To Help You Understand 3 Of Your Pet’s Quirks

From sniffing every tree during a walk to an undying devotion to a single, smelly toy, your dog exhibits some downright strange, but endearing, behaviors. However, there are other times when your dog’s quirks seem a little too bizarre, and maybe even hazardous to their health. Don’t miss a potentially devastating issue with your dog’s […]

What Every Dog Owner Needs To Know About Food Poisoning In Dogs

Dogs can be a mischievous bunch. And they love to eat. This combination can lead to serious health implications of food poisoning for dogs that adore digging in the trash and beg their owners incessantly for goodies. But it’s not just these antics that pet owners need to be aware of. There have been lawsuits […]

5 Things Chicken Owners Need To Know About Fatty Liver Disease

Chickens have become increasingly popular pets in recent years, and if you have a chicken coop in your backyard, you’re not alone. But you should be aware that backyard chickens are susceptible to a variety of diseases and health problems, so they require just as much veterinary attention as more traditional pets. One of the […]

4 Mistakes Every First-Time Parrot Owner Should Avoid

If you are a first-time parrot owner, you may be aware of the basics of parrot care. Caring for your newly acquired avian companion requires a different standard than dog or cat care, however. If you want to keep your feathered friend out of the emergency veterinary hospital, educate yourself of its specific needs and […]

What Every Dog Owner Should Know About Canine Head Injuries

If your dog has suffered a head trauma of any kind, there is always the risk that he or she may have a concussion or other serious brain injury. As a dog owner, it is important that you not only understand what can cause a concussion, but also how to recognize the signs of it […]

4 Serious Signs Of Sickness In Rabbits

If you own a pet rabbit, you will need to be more attuned to signs of illnesses than most pet owners. Because wild rabbits are prey animals on the lower end of the food chain, their instinct is to hide signs of illnesses when they experience them – sick animals make for easier targets out […]

Two Common Racehorse Injuries And Their Prognoses As A Horse Comes Off The Track

If you’re thinking of buying an OTTB (off-track thoroughbred) straight from the track to re-purpose as a sport or pleasure horse, you should be aware that many of the horses are being sold because they’ve been injured during racing or training. This does not mean they are not capable of being rehabbed and used for […]

Why Is Your Cat Wheezing?

Have you noticed that your cat is wheezing when he or she breathes? This symptom is not uncommon in cats, but it is not one you should ignore. Consider the following possible causes of wheezing and how to treat them. Feline Asthma Asthma is a chronic inflammation of the lungs and respiratory passages; the swelling […]