Five Important Things You Need To Do To Prepare Your Home For The Arrival Of A New Puppy

19 August 2017
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When you first bring a new puppy into your home, you have to go through some transition stages so that your new pet can get used to your home and your animal companion can adjust to the new environment.

By doing the following five things, you can prepare your home for the arrival of your new puppy and make the transition stage as smooth as possible:

Protect your new arrival from the hazards of chewing on power cords

One of the biggest dangers to young puppies in the average home is power cords. Power cords can cause electrocution dangers while also leading to fire hazards if they are chewed on and broken apart. 

Avoid leaving power cords on the floor and protect any exposed cords with safety piping created from sturdy plastic.

Place a lot of chew toys around the house that will entertain your new puppy and satisfy his or her need to chew

If you want to stop your pet from chewing on furniture and clothing items like shoes, you need to provide a lot of better things to chew on. Offer bones and chew toys to your new pet and encourage your new puppy to chew on these.

Remove any small objects that could be chewed up and choked on from the floors of your home

In homes without pets, there tend to be a lot of small objects left out that could cause severe health hazards to young puppies. Some examples of items like these are remote controls, papers, and kids' toys.

Puppy-proof your home by keeping any such items out of the way. Pay special attention to small pieces of electronics equipment that could cause electrocution hazards if left out for young puppies to access. 

Get rid of or adjust any tablecloths that are hanging low to the ground so that they can't be pulled at by your new puppy

Tablecloths that hang down low to the ground put both your puppy and your valuable china at risk. Puppies can pull down tablecloths and bring heavy plates and bowls down to crash on their heads. 

Get rid of any low hanging tablecloths before your puppy arrives. In fact, it's probably best to do away with any kind of tablecloth altogether when you're first introducing your puppy to your home. 

Don't trim down plants outside or in your house and don't plant anything that's low to the ground

Small plants in your home or landscaping can easily be destroyed by a curious young puppy. Don't trim back large vegetation and don't plant any small plants that can easily be pulled up or killed by a young puppy. 

To learn more, contact a veterinary clinic by you.