3 Ways To Help Your Cats To Get Along

3 October 2017
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Having a multi-cat household can be rewarding, but only if your cats manage to get along with one another. Having your kitties regularly fighting can be tedious and troublesome, and it can even leave your cats with serious injuries that require medical care. If you've found yourself in this situation, try these three tips to help bring peace to the cat clan in your home.

Heavy Play

One of the best ways to help prevent your cats from regular fighting is to make sure that you're tiring them out on a daily basis. This means playing with them until they're absolutely exhausted.

Cats are born predators and need to climb, run, and hunt in the outside world in order to survive. When cooped up in a house, cats can quickly become bored and frustrated with their situation. As a result, they lash out at one another and fight until they're tired.

By playing with your cats, you'll encourage positive relationships between them. You'll also use up their excess energy so that they're more likely to sleep heavily instead of fighting with one another.


One possibility is to employ pheromones in your home in order to calm your cats down. Many reputable manufacturers of pet products now sell collars, room sprays, and even electrical plug-ins that disperse a synthetic version of a pheromone cats emit. Specifically, this pheromone is released when mother cats nurse their kittens to help soothe and calm them. It has the same effect on adult cats and can be very useful in calming down cats in stressful situations, or to simply prevent them from fighting with one another.

Spay or Neuter

If you haven't already, it's an absolute must to get your cats spayed or neutered to prevent fighting.

Male cats will fight each other in order to try and gain access to female cats that are in heat. Intact male cats are also more likely to have a violent disposition simply because their bodies are producing more testosterone than fixed male cats.

Female cats may also fight male cats in order to defend themselves or protect existing offspring, if they've recently given birth.

In either case, it will be extremely difficult - if not impossible - for your cats to be peaceful with one another if they're not spayed and neutered first.

Having a peaceful multi-cat household is possible if you know how to make it happen. With these steps and the help of your veterinarian, you can have one of those households. Contact a vet clinic, like Veterinary Emergency Services Of Lincoln, for more help.